Sesión virtual – Reaching all our students: motivating teenagers


Escuelas Católicas Murcia
C/ Pintor Pedro Flores 32

30011 Murcia

 Martes 10 de noviembre desde las 18:00 hasta 19:15
 Martes 17 de noviembre desde las 18:00 hasta 19:15

Fecha límite de inscripción: Del 7 de noviembre al 3 de noviembre de 2020, o hasta que se agoten las plazas

Matrícula: 25 euros



Dentro de la formación del Programa BEDA del curso 2020‐2021 os ofrecemos una sesión virtual “Reaching  all our students: motivating teenagers” que se realiza conjuntamente con la editorial Macmillan.

Do you find it hard to get all the students to participate in class? Then this is definitely the course you’re  looking for! It’s undeniable that no matter if you’re teaching face‐to‐face or online, getting students to interact in class is key. In this practical course, you’ll be learning about several tools that will help you to do just that: to get all the students motivated and playing an active role in the classroom.

 Session 1 ‐ Creative collaboration – 11 November, 18:00 – 19:15
In the first session, we’ll be experimenting with several collaborative tools. First of all, AnswerGarden, which is great to get students to brainstorm ideas in a very visual way. Apart from that, we’ll also be  using Mentimeter, a cool online survey tool with a lot of options to get students engaged. Finally, we’ll be working on Padlet, a very visual online corkboard with a bunch of functionalities to get students to express their ideas creatively and to read their peers’ contributions.

 Session 2 ‐ Challenging online games – 18 November, 18:00 – 19:15
In the second session, we’ll be looking at online games like Scattergories. You’ll also become familiar with quiz sites like Quizbean to get students to learn English in a really fun way. We’ll also be learning about Quizlet, which is great for students to improve their vocabulary and create their own vocabulary sets to play with and challenge their peers. All in all, this course will definitely help you to learn to integrate technology to get your students engaged in class!


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