Reaching all our students motivating


Calendario: 22 y 29 de noviembre
De 18:00 a 19:15 horas

La fecha límite para hacer la inscripción es el 18 de noviembre de 2021, o hasta que se agoten las 40 plazas disponibles.

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Dentro de la formación del Programa BEDA del curso 2021-2022 os ofrecemos una sesión virtual para el profesorado de Educación Secundaria “Reaching all our students motivating” que se realiza conjuntamente con la editorial Macmillan.

The world keeps changing, and fast. Our secondary school students need the skills to face these changes with confidence and a positive mindset. In this practical course I will focus on two particularly important skills that can help them to face the challenges of living and learning in the 21st Century – Critical Thinking and Collaboration. The first skill will help our students to think in a more rational and open-minded way, being informed by evidence rather than feelings. The second will show students how working together can indeed help them to be stronger.

Session 1:

What makes you say that?’ Teaching teens critical thinking and reading – 22 November, 18:00 a 19:15 horas
Nowadays our teenage students have a great variety of texts and information sources just a click away. However, it’s clear to see that unlimited access to information brings risks, too. That’s why today’s teens need to be able to evaluate what they read and hear in a rational and open-minded way. In this session I will give practical classroom tips on how to get our students into the habit of thinking systematically and making balanced judgements about the texts that they are exposed to.

Session 2:

‘Stronger together’ Learning to collaborate and collaborating to learn – 29 November, 18:00 a 19:15 horas
In the CEFR Mediation descriptors there is significant emphasis on collaboration, something I consider to be a key element for success in ELT Secondary classrooms, and a key factor in developing effective communication strategies. In this session we will look at a number of practical activities that can encourage our students to collaborate, to communicate with one another sensitively and successfully, and to develop empathy towards others. These are not just skills for the ELT classroom but essential skills our students need to get ahead in life outside school too.


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